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Corporate and Foundation Relations at Virginia Tech facilitates tactical, highly strategic, and mutually beneficial relationships between the university and its leading industry and foundation partners.

Through a one-portal approach -- coordinating efforts within advancement and working with colleagues in the Office of Sponsored Programs and the Office of the Vice President for Research -- we allow industry and foundations to identify resources at the university that can help advance strategic aims. The personalized partnerships we enable are characterized by accountability, assessment, recognition, and results.

We prioritize nimble, effective engagement. As needs change and goals shift, we work with our partners and university leadership to maintain collaboration that is focused on core objectives. The advantages of partnering with Virginia Tech often include brand awareness, the acceleration of recruiting goals, differentiation, and engagement with top faculty members who lead research programs.

Regional and national foundation engagement is a key function of our office. Corporate and Foundation Relations is both a clearinghouse and a catalyst for foundation-based partnerships that promote hands-on learning, community impact, and global engagement. 

Areas of particular strength in partnerships facilitated by Corporate and Foundation Relations at Virginia Tech include.

  • National security and defense technology
  • Performance materials and additive manufacturing
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Clean energy education and innovation
  • Diversity, inclusion, and health
  • Leadership, through the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets   

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